September 30, 2016 -Accelerate Your Board’s Effectiveness: Make Sure You Have Board-CEO Alignment

Hi James Leonard,

A strong Board-CEO partnership is key to providing great governance and maintaining a sustainable organization. But this partnership, and the ability to exceed goals and accomplish great outcomes for kids, cannot happen without alignment. To help your charter organization succeed, there needs to be alignment between the board and CEO on strengths, areas which need improvement, and organizational goals.

Join BoardOnTrack at our lively "Tools You Can Use" session to discuss what excellent Board-CEO alignment looks like and how to achieve it. We will also be showing you how to use two quick tools which will be able to instantly test how aligned you are.

[Webinar] Thursday, October 6 | 2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT

This 30-minute educational session will cover:

  • Examples of strong Board-CEO alignment
  • Strategic tips and ideas on improving your alignment
  • Clarity on the governance-management line
  • Helpful BoardOnTrack tools to give you an immediate sense of how aligned your Board and CEO are

Can't make it? Register and we will email the session recording to you.

We hope you can join us for some mid-week inspiration!


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September 29, 2016 - Register now for Adapted Physical Education workshop, Oct. 24

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Educators interested in learning more about adapted physical education will want to attend a free, hands-on workshop on Monday, Oct. 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Columbus. Each attendee will teach other participants a lesson plan he or she developed, followed by group discussion and active engagement. Each participant must submit a lesson plan in advance for inclusion in a workbook that will be available to all attendees.

To participate, register by Friday, Oct. 14, in STARS using your SAFE account. Be sure to include a current email address in the registration so you will receive a lesson plan form. Registration is limited to 50 participants. The event sponsor, the Ohio State School for the Blind, will host the event at the school at 5220 N. High St., Columbus 43214. For questions about SAFE accounts, see the SAFE sign-up help document here; or contact the SAFE help desk at or (877) 644-6338. Direct other inquires to Lisa Lyle Henry.


 Ohio Department of Education


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September 22, 2016 - Local Report Cards Released!


It's that time of year again and ODE has released the report cards for all Ohio schools for school year 2015-16.  Board Members will want to be informed and understand the elements being measured as well as how their individual schools were rated.  Being as the ODE guide for understanding the many measures on the cards is 32 pages, BCSB created a shortened version just for you.  For the K-8 version of the summary guide, click on the button below!

Click Here 

Check the further options and directions for more info at bottom of K-8 summary.  Hopefully, your next board meeting will include a detailed overview of your school report card. With our summary you will be prepared!

BCSB Executive Committee-working for you!


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September 16, 2016 - Comprehensive Grant-Writing Kit

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Get your school or district critical funding.

“Taking It For Granted,” our comprehensive guide to finding and securing grant funding, is now available for you to download in its entirety. Whether you’ve read parts of it or are seeing it for the first time, we encourage you to take advantage of these valuable tips for creating a successful proposal.

We’re honored to be working with Dr. Merewyn “Libba” Lyons, an experienced educational grant developer, to help you get your school or district the money it needs. We’ll be bringing even more grant-writing resources to you as the year unfolds! 

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September 16, 2016 - Webinar: Board Recruitment for the 21st Century

Hi James Leonard,

The best charter schools have learned to be obsessive about their human capital pipeline. While it's clear finding, recruiting and retaining great teachers is essential, most charters are missing a critical part of the human capital equation – developing an ongoing pipeline of talented board members.

Webinar: Board Recruitment for the 21st Century

Thursday, 9/22/2016 2 PM EDT

In this interactive webinar, you'll learn how to conduct a quick skills inventory of the board and develop a 3-year expansion plan. We’ll answer your burning questions and cover topics like:

  1. How big should our board be?
  2. What are the essential skills we need?
  3. Who should be involved in trustee recruitment?

Tools You Can Use: Charter School Board Recruitment Plan Generator

During this webinar, we'll showcase BoardOnTrack’s new online skills inventory and board recruitment plan generator.

Can't attend? Register any and we will send you a recording.


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September 14, 2016 -Facilities Funding and Access for Charter Public Schools

Report Release


September 14, 2016


Facilities Funding and Access for Charter Public Schools

One of the greatest challenges to the health of the charter public school movement is finding and financing a facility in which to operate, a challenge made all the greater by the fact that charter schools are rarely funded on par with school districts. Over the years, more states have come to realize that they have an obligation to deal with this challenge and ensure that children in all public schools—district and charter—have access to adequate school buildings.

Charter school leaders have shown an immense amount of grit in overcoming a host of challenges to grow at a pace unexpected by even their most stalwart supporters. In the 2015–16 school year, approximately 2.9 million children attended a charter school—a growth of 76 percent over the past five years. However, this dramatic expansion has not kept pace with demand from families, as reflected in the 1 million student names on charter school waiting lists nationally.

States have an important role to play in determining the options available to support charter school facility needs. We recently updated two of our state policy snapshots that examine policy options that states are enacting. Facilities Funding for Charter Public Schoolsprovides a snapshot of the 30 states that have authorized some form of facilities funding for charter schools. School District Facilities and Charter Public Schools provides a snapshot of the 28 states that have enacted policies that try to provide charter schools with better access to district facilities.

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools   1101 15th Street NW  Suite 1010  Washington,  DC   20005   USA

September 14, 2016 - SAVE THE DATE: 2017 Building Expertise Conference

Building Expertise Conference 2017 - Save the Date!

Get ready for the most exciting education conference of the year!

Building Expertise 2017
Soaring to New Heights

June 14-16, 2017

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

In 2017, education is going vertical. It’s all about take-offs and landings—and everything in between. Now more than ever, educators are seeking practical ways to tackle the tough headwinds of meeting new standards while inspiring and empowering teachers and students. At Building Expertise, we’ll provide the tools and strategies to transform your next school year and help your school and students soar to new heights of achievement! 

We’ll let you know when registration opens. In the meantime, save the date for this amazing event.


Join us for an incredible stay at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.


1000 W Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL, 32830


(407) 939-4686

Building Expertise Conference 2017 - Register Today!






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September 14, 2016 - Virtual Training Session: Board Goals

Hi James Leonard,

Did you know that BoardOnTrack has worked with over 500 charter boards across the United States?

It’s true, and this month we are sharing best practices for setting board goals in two virtual training sessions, but we noticed that you haven’t registered yet. That means one of a few things is happening:

  • You simply forgot to register (it’s okay - we still have spaces available!)
  • You live a busy life and can’t seem to find the time to attend (register anyways - we’ll email you the recordings)
  • You’re not sure if these sessions will apply to you (they will, we swear)
  • You’re not interested in learning how to set incredibly powerful goals to help the board be more strategic (but that can’t be it…)

If you fall into any of the four categories above, sign-up and join us at our sessions. We’re ready to help you set and exceed your board goals this school year.

[Virtual Walk-In Clinic] THURS, September 15 | 2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT


Join our team along with an exciting panel of charter board leaders as we discuss actionable steps for goal setting success and tell personal stories of how we use board goals to align the CEO and board.

Do you have any burning questions? Submit questions ahead of time here and our governance experts will make sure to cover them during our sessions.

If you can’t make it, register today and we will email all of the session recordings to you.


Team BoardOnTrack
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September 13, 2016 - Save the Date! 12/7/16

Buckeye Charter School Boards, Inc., P.O. Box 140964, Toledo, OH 43614

September 8, 2016 - Important Updates from the Office for Exceptional Children

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We hope the 2016-2017 school year is off to a positive start and we thank you for your great work on behalf of students with disabilities in Ohio!

A Change in Regional Special Education Leadership Summit Dates

The Regional Special Education Leadership Summits planned for October 2016 are being moved until after the first of the year. We look forward to providing the field with important information and special education updates!

Be on the lookout for information regarding the dates for the Summits, as well as event details!

USDOE Issues Letters of Significant Guidance

Periodically the United States Department of Education (USDOE) issues letters that are determined to be significant guidance. While the letters are non-binding and do not create new legal requirements, the information is intended to assist states and public school districts in meeting obligations under federal regulatory requirements. Three letters determined by USDOE to be significant guidance were issued in summer regarding students with disabilities.

Dear Colleague Letter on the Inclusion of Behavioral Supports in Individualized Education Programs (OSEP)

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) issued a letter of significant guidance related to the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), reminding states and districts of the responsibility for ensuring a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to students with disabilities, including the IEP team addressing the implications of a child’s behavioral needs. OSEP further clarifies that a failure to consider and provide for needed behavioral supports through the IEP may result in a student not receiving a meaningful educational benefit or FAPE. The letter provides IDEA requirements for PBIS as well as resources that support planning and implementation of services.

The Ohio Department of Education requires use of a PBIS framework to support a positive school climate and supports for all Ohio students in public school districts. Professional learning and technical assistance to implement PBIS is supported by State Support Teams throughout the state.

Dear Colleague Letter on Online and Virtual Schools and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (OSEP)

In the first of what is promised to be additional guidance, the Office of Special Education Programs issued a letter of significant guidance to states and public school districts regarding the education of students with disabilities who are enrolled in an online or virtual school. The definition of a virtual school is provided in the guidance along with an outline of the general supervisory responsibilities for the state education agency as well as the public school district, whether a community (public charter) school or a school in a traditional school district. In the conclusion of the letter, OSEP states: “The educational rights and protections afforded to children with disabilities and their parents under IDEA must not be diminished or compromised when children with disabilities attend virtual schools that are constituted as LEAs or are public schools of an LEA.” (Dear Colleague Letter: Virtual Schools, 8-5-16)

Dear Colleague Letter and Resource Guide on Students with ADHD (OCR)

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the USDOE issued the letter and resource guide as significant guidance to state and local education agencies. The focus of the policy guidance is on the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for students with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The letter highlights problems in the areas of identification and evaluation, provision of supplementary aids and services in appropriate settings, failure to provide relevant information and documentation to staff, and decisions being made based on administrative and financial burden rather than the needs of the student. The resource guide included with the letter provides guidance on Section 504 requirements and considerations for students with ADHD.


 Ohio Department of Education


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September 2, 2016 -Free Virtual Board Training: Board Goals

Hi James Leonard,

Sometimes, setting and exceeding goals can be hard, whether it’s a goal to eat healthy (even though that donut looks so good) or just to have better time management. But when it comes to charter school sustainability, having the right set of board goals is imperative.

Join us for two informational sessions in September and learn how a great set of board goals can harness the power of your board.

[Webinar] THURS, September 8 | 2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT
This hour-long educational session will cover:

  • Defining board goals and best practices
  • Why you need organizational and aspirational goals
  • Roles and responsibilities in setting and upholding goals
  • Harnessing board potential through goals and OKRs
  • Clarity and alignment on the governance management line

[Virtual Walk-In Clinic] THURS, September 15 | 2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT
Join the BoardOnTrack team and panelists as they share:

  • Actionable ideas for creating, achieving and exceeding goals and objectives
  • Stories and examples of their own progress towards achieving board goals
  • Tips on avoiding Board-CEO conflicts by identifying the right work for each party
  • Ways to use board goals to close the achievement gap

Do you have any burning questions?  Submit them ahead of time here and our governance experts will make sure to cover them during our sessions.  

Can’t make it? Register and we will email the session recordings to you.

We hope you can join us!


Team BoardOnTrack
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9 Damonmill Square, Suite 5A-1 Concord, MA 01742

September 2016

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