November 21, 2018 - Join us in Columbus for our first Study the Network workshop of 2019!

Study the Network™

"I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day in your building, it was by far the best school visit I experienced in my twenty-two years of teaching!" 
--Crystal Longwell, Teacher, Switzerland of Ohio School District

Are you ready to jump start student success in 2019? 
Join us to learn the powerful improvement methods we use to close the achievement gap and build success for our students. 

Through our unique Study the Network™ workshop, you will visit Columbus Collegiate Academy-Main St., a successful gap-closing middle school, during a live school day to observe how the school has been purposefully designed to get results in a high-poverty context. Along with direct exposure to proven methods, you will also have the opportunity to discuss concrete ways to apply these ideas in your own school.

Join Study the Network™ to experience an immersive, live learning environment that combines:
  • classroom observations
  • practical videos
  • focused activities
  • time for reflection
  • inside access to our network of high-performing, urban charter schools.
This workshop will be held January 24, 2019 just east of downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Reserve your spot today or contact us at or 614.557.1834 for a personalized consultation.

November 19, 2018 - Transportation of children with disabilities administrative rule

This notification is being sent to those who may have an interest in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-10 Transportation of Children with Disabilities.

The rule listed below has recently been reviewed by the Ohio Department of Education. View the proposed changes to the rule on the Department’s website. You may provide comments about this rule by email to no later than Jan. 19, 2019.
OAC 3301-51-10 Transportation of Children with Disabilities is being amended to remove duplicative language found in current federal and state law and to clarify the requirements of districts when transporting children with disabilities. 

November 2018

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