December 15, 2017 -Computer Science, SRO's & Bullying - What's New?

Legislative Update!

Pending Bills to Watch!


Year-end is typically a rather quite time at the Statehouse -- particularly after passage of a state biennial budget bill, as in 2017 -- but several charter school/school choice bills have started, or continued, to move through the legislative process in recent weeks. 


House Bill 170

Adds computer science instruction as an option to several of the prescribed subjects in the state minimum high school curriculum. Current law requires students to complete four units of math and three units of science. Under the bill, advanced computer science could be offered as an alternative to Algebra II, and computer science could be offered as a fourth science alternative (in addition to physical science, life sciences and advanced study in physical sciences, life sciences and earth/space science). The legislation does not impose these changes, but rather allows districts and schools to implement them. The House and Senate have approved the bill and it has been sent to Gov. Kasich, who is expected to sign it into state law. READ MORE...


House Bill 318

Would broadly define the role of School Resource Officers (SRO) and establish training requirements for those new to the role. Some, but not all, schools employ SROs, who are tasked with preserving peace, protecting persons and property, and enforcing state and city laws on school premises. Typically, SROs are peace officers employed by cities, townships and other political subdivisions.READ MORE... 


House Bill 360

Defines and provides sanctions for students in grades 4-12 who engage in harassment, intimidation and bullying. Under the proposed law, students could be suspended from ten to 182 days (depending on number of offenses in a given school year) and would be subject to district or school developed community service plans. READ MORE...


Keeping Board Members Informed...That's Our Business!

Buckeye Charter School Boards

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December 13, 2017 -You're Invited to the Study the Network Workshop



Join us on January 18th
 to learn how we are working to put 
our students on the path to college.



Get an inside look at school success.


Study the Network™ is an immersive experience that engages participants in a live learning environment combining structured observations, practical videos, focused activities, time for reflection, and inside access to our network of high-performing urban charter schools.


Through the Study the Network™ workshop, you will visit UPrep-State St. during a live school day to observe how the school has been purposefully designed to get results in a high-poverty context.  Participants will also discuss concrete ways to apply these ideas in their own schools.


Join SPI Director & Chief Learning Officer John A. Dues to experience how United Preparatory Academy-State St. has worked to close the achievement gap and put its students on a college prep path.  Nearly 100% of UPrep-State St.’s students are economically disadvantaged, but they have out-performed their peers in more affluent schools.





Workshop Details

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tuition: $500 per person (Includes breakfast, lunch, & materials)

Location: UPrep-State St. | 617 W State St. | Columbus, Ohio 43215
Registration Deadline: January 9, 2018


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December 13, 2017 -Special Education Updates

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Updated Evaluation Team Report and Individualized Education Program (ETR/IEP) Forms Now Available Online

The Ohio Department of Education's Office for Exceptional Children has revised the ETR and IEP forms. The new forms now have tool tips throughout, providing guidance in completing the forms. The new forms are required to be used beginning in Autumn of 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year. To access the new forms, please click here.

Universal support materials are also available for basic IDEA guidance. The support materials are available here.

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December 5, 2017 - Spring Into Action

AdvancED Online Classroom


Your institution’s continuous improvement journey will go where you lead it. The road can be daunting, but the right training and guidance will take you farther. Don’t get left behind, join us for the AdvancED Online Classroom's most popular courses for the spring semester. 

New sessions are open for registration now, including a new course, Optimize Your School with Continuous Improvement. Use this specialized professional development to enhance your skills and experience in guiding your institution’s continuous improvement journey. New sessions include the following:

Basic Data Analysis for School Improvement (BDA 4001)
January 5, 2018 - March 9, 2018 - Half Semester Course (8 weeks)
Registration Deadline: January 11, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Lee Jenkins

Basic Data Analysis for School Improvement (BDA 4002)
March 26, 2018 - May 18, 2018 - Half Semester Course (8 weeks)
Registration Deadline: March 22, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Lee Jenkins

Continuous Improvement in the Classroom (CIC 4101)
January 29, 2018 - May 18, 2018 - Full Semester Course (16 weeks)
Registration Deadline: January 25, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Lee Jenkins

NewOptimize Your School with Continuous Improvement (OSCI 4201)
January 22, 2018 - May 11, 2018 - Full Semester Course (16 weeks)
Registration Deadline: January 18, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Lee Jenkins

Visit the AdvancED website to view all current courses available. Join the journey; register today!


December 5, 2017 - E-signer CORE Enhancements Beginning Dec. 6, 2017

Educator Licensure Banner

The Ohio Department of Education will introduce new functions within the CORE online educator licensure system to help e-signers conduct their review and approval of applications more easily. These enhancements will take place in the afternoon of Dec. 6, 2017. Please note that e-signers will continue to access the CORE system in the same manner as before. E-signers select E-Sign Applications from the E-Signers box on the Dashboard. Once in the CORE system, e-signers may also access the revised CORE E-Signer manual under E-Signer Information. This manual contains helpful information about CORE functions and instructions for e-signers.

Among other improvements, e-signers will be able to view “status notes” that the applicant also can view and receive via email. These notes explain why an application is pending review, on hold or declined. Information about what the applicant must submit before the Department can continue processing the application will also be available to e-signers. Additionally, the CORE updates will allow e-signers to link to Educator Profile and an applicant’s current license(s). This function allows e-signers to verify whether the applicant has applied for the right credential(s).

Please contact with questions or comments about the upcoming new enhancements.



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