Many schools use Facebook as a virtual bulletin board, putting out information about snow days or school event reminders.  It allows for fast communication in developing situations and is a forum that schools know both parents and students frequent. 

Schools need to take a closer look at how they use Facebook in the wake of its data-privacy breach involving a consulting company, Cambridge Analytics.  Cambridge Analytics collected the data of tens of millions of Facebook users through its platform and used the data to target political advertising.

Of concern are the following: (1) what data Facebook collects from users; (2) who Facebook allows to access that data; and (3) how that data is eventually used.  In this case, Cambridge Analytics administered a personality quiz to responding individuals to create voter profiles.  Respondents were paid for their participation.  The first step: respondents had to grant access to their Facebook accounts.  Within seconds, Facebook harvested their profile data and the profile data from all of their Facebook friends, without their knowledge.  That data included names, birthdates, locations, as well as lists of every Facebook page they ever liked.  These Facebook friends had no knowledge of the release and had not expressly consented to release of this information.

If any of your students, teachers or parents participated in the personality quiz, that could allow access to school data and the data of other students, teachers and parents.

What should schools do?

· Provide options in addition to Facebook for parent communication.

· Take a close look at what kind of student information is distributed on Facebook.

· Determine if teachers are using Facebook in their classrooms.  If so, make sure students are not required to communicate with teachers on Facebook or to share their work there.

· Educate students on how to avoid risk.  Explain that taking a quiz on Facebook created by a third party results in sharing their profile information with that third party.

What should schools do if they receive notification from Facebook that their data was breached?

· Contact legal counsel immediately.

April 06, 2018 - Special Education Updates


Ohio Banner

Evaluating and Assessing Students with Combined Hearing-Vision Loss and/or Multiple Disabilities

The Ohio Center for Deafblind Education (OCDBE) is hosting Dr. Melinda Wolford as she discusses the evaluation of students with a combined hearing-vision loss and/or multiple disabilities. This is a follow-up to the professional development she presented in the fall of 2017 and is designed to develop the capacity of educators in assessing and supporting students with complex needs. Participants will learn and practice unique ways to gather data for identification and intervention purposes. The event is free of charge. Materials and lunch are provided to registrants. 

Trainings will be offered at the following locations throughout the state:

Please contact Kathy Richards to register (kathryn.richards@uc.edu or 614-897-0020 x 101).

April 04, 2018 - Hurry, registration for our Study the Network workshop ends today!

Study the Network™


Just a reminder, sign up today!


Join our workshop and learn how you can put your students on the path to college. Through the Study the Network workshop, you will visit United Preparatory Academy-State St. during a live school day to observe how the school has been purposefully designed to get results in a high-poverty context. Along with direct exposure to proven methods, you will also have the opportunity to discuss concrete ways to apply these ideas in your own school.


One participant said, "This was one of the best and definitely the most thought out PD I've been a part of. It seemed to be as meticulously planned as the school culture, curriculum, and procedures of the school we were in."

This workshop will be held April 13, 2018 just west of downtown Columbus, Ohio at UPrep-State St. Reserve your spot today or contact us at spi@unitedschoolsnetwork.org or 614.557.1834 for a personalized consultation.



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