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Overview of the Company:
The Educational Resources Consultants of Ohio (ERCO) is a non-profit, educational organization that specializes in authorizing, monitoring, evaluating, and providing technical support for Ohio charter schools.

History of the Company:

ERCO opened its doors for business in January 2005, offering services to Ohio charter/community schools, which must by state law be authorized or "sponsored" by an entity like ERCO, which provides oversight in accordance with State of Ohio standards.

When founded, ERCO was one of many community school sponsors authorized by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to offer operating contracts to the 270 Ohio community schools in existence then. ERCO held, in its early years, operating contracts for fifteen (15) schools. Today, ERCO holds operating contracts for more than twenty schools which serve thousands of students.

Mission Statement:

To provide a strong foundation of resources, oversight, guidance and leadership both to and in partnership with educational leaders of community schools serving children and society.

Vision Statement:

To promote high quality charter schools in Ohio through strong academic performance and financial viability.

Core Values:

• Integrity: We will do what we say and expect the same in return.
• Quality: We will continually strive for excellence individually and collaboratively.
• Respect: We will exhibit professionalism with each other and our stakeholders.
• Competence: We believe knowledge is power.
• Accountability: We hold ourselves to these core values.


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3401 Hamilton-Mason Rd., Suite A • Hamilton, Ohio 45011
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